Snowy Owl 2016

What I get up to in the Winter

Snowy Owl 2016Stayner,ON–During the summer months I can be found at the local race track every Saturday night, I love the sport and I used to drive my own car at one point. During the winter months there isn’t much racing to follow but I do find things to do. Being close to Georgian Bay is also a blessing as wildlife can always be found and don’t have to go very far to find it usually. I have come across many species of birds over the past winter and now that spring has sort of arrived here in Ontario more and more show up on a daily basis. I paid particular attention to the Snowy Owl’s in the area that were a mere 10 minute drive down the back-roads and being very mindful to the hydro polls and what seam like lumps of snow sitting out in the farmer’s fields. Most people just don’t look up while driving and drive right on by them. The snowy’s are truly a mystical creature and when in flight there wings make no noise which make them a very deadly to vole’s and other rodents, hairs and other birds. I traveled to Collingwood harborMute Swan's 2016 where two mute swan’s call there home. The female was swimming around looking for food by the boat launch, oddly enough the water doesn’t freeze in this miniature bay. The male decided to show up and they performed there greeting which is a great show of affection if you ever get to witness this. In this little bay there also was no shortage of Mallard Ducks, Canadian Geese, Buffle Heads, and the list goes on. That being said you just need to be there at the right time to see some of those species. I’ve met some terrific people on my tours over the course of the winter which took your mind off the fact that you couldn’t feel your fingers while conversing with them. I gained quite a bit of knowledge from some of them and am grateful to have met them all.