Glenn Watson Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model 2019


Glenn Watson Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model 2019

Since 2000 I have been involved in the racing community. I started out on Don Hawn’s crew and later became Crew Chief to Don and Tyler Hawn in 2005 we parted ways as decided to build my own Mini Stock that I raced until my back troubles crippled me.

After a year or so I then decided the only way I’d get back into the race scene was to take photo’s of it, so Dave Gainforth offered me the opportunity to run the OSCAAR website and become the OSCAAR series photographer. After a few years I still run the site and take photo’s of the series but am not the official photographer as I couldn’t commit to being at the track full time and decided to stick to taking photo’s when I could for the series and mainly at Sunset Speedway as it was close to home and a great track to be at.

Tyler Hawn OSCAAR Hot Rod Series and Hawn Motorsports 2019

For years I donated my time taking images and sending them in for Sunset to use and also the drivers. Later I then started to charge for my images as time is of value,spending money on food while at the track, ware and tare on camera gear isn’t free and very expensive ( Canon 70D $2000.00 and just my Sigma 150-600 mm lens at $1200.00 at that time, then there is the editing software to help make images spectacular ) and also fuel to get to and from the speedway’s and also the tax on my body from those hot summer night’s granted not as bad as the driver’s have it lol.. Sunset also employed my wife to do videography and I to edit the footage which is very time consuming and send to YouTube in case fans didn’t make it to the track that weekend. Unfortunately we had to back out as life was getting busy for us and didn’t have the time to do it any longer.

I love the sport, the racing family, and the fans that home track racing has. There are ups and downs, emotions run high and low, but overall the experience is fantastic. If you’ve never been to your local speedway you are missing out on a great past time, only issue being winter gets in the way but does allow the teams to repair and hopefully up there game for the next race season. There are a number of different race series that travel around to the different speedway’s here in Ontario on top of the weekly series that run weekend generally from the end of May onward to October.

You mainly see me at Sunset Speedway but I do enjoy JUKASA, Flamboro, Sauble and also Peterborough the most, Delaware is a great track but too far for my bones to travel.

Child Having Fun at Race Track

The past year and current focus will be on Hawn Motorsports as there Official Photographer and Web Master, great team and great to be a part of once again. Don is very proud of those boy’s and what the team has accomplished may he rest in peace. I will still be getting other drivers images when I can, just not as often.

I’ll wrap it up and I would appreciate it you you could come out to any of the local tracks and enjoy a night out at the speedway pick your favourite driver’s and cheer them on. Most tracks at the end of the night let everyone into the pits so that the fans can see there favourite driver’s up close and possibly get an autograph or two. Hope to see you there if you spot me don’t be scared to say hello I just look grumpy but I’m not!

Thanks, Dan Little Jr.