About Me

photo of dan little jr
Photo taken by Jerry Abramowicz

As you’ve figured out by now my name is Dan Little Jr. and welcome to my website! I’ve been doing motorsports photography for quite a few years here in Ontario, Canada. I have been the Official OSCAAR series photographer for 3 years and counting. My work has been showcased in Inside Track News, Speed51, OSCAAR Racing, NASCAR Home Tracks and Sunset Speedway. I also enjoy taking photo’s of landscapes, people and nature. I am for the most part self taught and am always trying to improve my skills through photography courses and seek out constructive criticism from wherever I can find it.

You can easily contact me using the contact me page here on the website and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your inquiry about my photography services and hope we can do business together. My images may also be viewed on my Facebook page Dan Little Jr Photography.